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I Am Wrath

Logline: Ray Martinelli is out for revenge after a group of drug addicts kill his wife during a robbery, Ray goes deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, enacting his revenge on...

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I Am Michael

Logline: The same formula Gus Van Sant created with Harvey “MILK”, he and Justin Kelly are creating with “MICHAEL” Glatze. MICHAEL has the same genre, bigger, and wider...

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Chocolate City

Logline: Life for a struggling college student changes in an instant when he meets the owner of a male strip club who convinces him to give amateur night a whirl. Starring Michael...

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Fairy Godmother

Logline: Once upon a time, a Fairy Godmother lost her powers because she has lost faith in humanity, so the board of magic sends a young wizard to help her regain her powers. They...

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Wild Horses

Logline: When a Texas Ranger, Samantha Payne, is asked to reopen a 15 year old missing person case, she begins to believe that the boy was murdered by wealthy family man Scott...

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Tokarev (Rage)

Logline: PAUL MAGUIRE (Nicolas Cage) and his buddies KANE (Max Ryan) and DOHERTY (Michael McGrady) live a life of petty crime. One night, they ambush a Russian mobster,...

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