Three Lines in History

Logline: October 28, 1942. On the date of the second deportation at the Krakow Ghetto, when thousands of Jews were sent to death, a group of young Jews unite to fight an un-defeatable foe. The fight for survival, avenges the deaths of innocently slaughtered parents, brothers and sisters. One of their leaders rises. “I fight for Jewish Honor…to avenge the dehumanization of our people…I fight for our three lines in the history books so the world will one day read there were Jews who fought back.”

Air Interpol

Logline: Prisoner A-118 opens his eyes to find his wrists handcuffed to his airplane seat with two dead Interpol Agents and Prisoner G-298 choking and foaming out the mouth. Meanwhile, Prisoner 443, an Arab woman, is yelling Allah Akbar next to  two SAS Pilots who are shot in the head, laying on the floor of the cockpit and no one is flying the jet aircraft transport in heavy turbulence…welcome to “Air Interpol.”

Tear Down This Wall

Logline: “Tear Down This Wall” is the battle cry of Ronald Reagan’s speech. In the vein of “Pirate Radio” meets “Argo,” the power of rock-in-roll joins Ronald Reagan in the breaking down of the Berlin Wall as David Bowie, The Eurythmics, and Genesis perform in a three-day rock-n-roll concert series at Brandenburg Gate against Vladimir Putin’s East German tanks and a Libyan hit squad, organized by a young rock concert promoter Peter Schwenchow, the power of music unified the East and West’s youth and tears down the Berlin Wall.


Logline: “Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter” as a young Major George Washington is tasked by the Freemasons to recover a powerful Christian relic, the Spear of Loginus which pierced the rib of Jesus, and was stolen from Freemason Temple by the worshippers of a dangerous cult Baphomet. Whomever is in possession of the spear cannot be defeated in battle. Freemason George Washington must lead a band of unlikely rogues into the brutal French-Indian controlled wilderness to retrieve the spear changing young Washington forever and re-shaping the future of the 13 colonies, shedding of tyrannical King George and forming a new great nation, United States of America.



Sarah Shahi Joins Al Pacino In ‘Hangman’

“Sarah Shahi has been added to the cast of Johnny Martin’s crime thriller Hangman alongside Al Pacino, Karl Urban, and Brittany Snow. The film follows a homicide detective (Pacino) who teams up with a criminal profiler (Urban) to catch a serial killer whose crimes are inspired by the children’s game Hangman. Shahi will play police Captain Lisa Watson. Patriot Pictures and Union Patriot Capital Management’s Michael Mendelsohn produces with Cheyenne Enterprises’ Arnold Rifkin. Union Patriot Capital is also financing the project. Etchie Stroh is exe producing. Shahi’s credits include Fairly LegalPerson of Interest, Ray Donovan, and The Sopranos. She is repped by CAA, McKeon/Myones Entertainment, and Meyer & Downs.”

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Sarah Shahi Joins Al Pacino In ‘Hangman’; Indie Thriller ‘Getaway Girls’ Rounds Its Cast


Vengeance: A Love Story is Rated 4 STARS by Battleroyal!

“How provocatively can a woman behave before she’s asking to be sexually assaulted? How far, before any battering she receives becomes her fault, and not that of her attackers? The answer is of course that there is NO distance a woman can go before she deserves to be raped, but these are the questions being put to the good folk of Niagara Falls, NY, in this, the new film by director Johnny Martin (Delirium). Based on the 2003 novella Rape: A Love Story by Joyce Carol Oates, Vengeance: A Love Story plays in many ways like an eighties/nineties thriller (I mean that in its best sense, it should be noted). This feeling is no doubt augmented by the star turns of both Don Johnson (Miami Vice) in strutting peacock mode as cocksure defender Jay Kirkpatrick and of a (thankfully) largely restrained Nicolas Cage (Face/Off) as John Dromoor, the detective determined to dispense justice when the law will not. But for me, the real stars here are Anna Hutchison (The Cabin in the Woods) as Teena, the victim of the attack, Deborah Kara Unger (Payback) as Agnes, Teena’s devastated mother, and especially Talitha Bateman (The 5th Wave) as Bethie, the girl who witnessed the entire assault on her mother. I expected to find myself referring to Miss Bateman as a newcomer but this is her fifteenth picture and, given her ability on display here, I really shouldn’t have been surprised.

In addition to the rape itself which is brutal but mercifully brief, Vengeance: A Love Story is often a hard watch, from the various scenes of young Bethie being harried in her small town by the friends and relatives of the rapists, to the court scenes in which Teena is pulled to pieces all over again in an entirely different but hardly less inhuman manner. Things become decidedly more “John Wick” much later on but this is of course a good thing, with the Niagara Falls themselves being used to quite beautiful effect in one instance.

Vengeance: A Love Story never drags, in fact it feels all-too-brief; Nicolas Cage drips laconic menace throughout, and the movie – due out on March 27th, 2017 – comes highly recommended. Four stars.”


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