A True Desert Rose

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Black Flag

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The Six Day War

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Roman Detective

Logline: A sharp edged, fast paced, fascinating thriller set In Rome in AD 30 and in one of Rome’s most volatile provinces. Romulus, vigorous and honest makes a discovery which plunges him into a world of darkness and intrigue, where, kept away from his young family – who are held hostage to his good behavior – he finds himself intimately and dangerously involved in events that change the known world and give birth to the world in which we live today.

Concept: Carefully researched, this movie removes the veil of secrecy and distortion that has shaped our view of events for two millenniums. It has freshness and modernity that makes it ring both engagingly true and makes it highly accessible to a wide audience today.  You will never see this period of history the same way again.


Logline: “Paladin” is a a historical fantasy written by Shon Rathbone that challenges a young Major George Washington to recover a powerful Christian relic, the Spear of Loginus, which was stolen from Freemason Temple by the worshippers of the dangerous demon Baphomet. Freemason George Washington must lead a band of unlikely rogue heroes into the brutal French-controlled wilderness to retrieve the magical spear. The events change young Washington forever and re-shape the future of the 13 colonies, leading to the formation of a new great nation.

Concept: Heavily researched, the screenplay features several compelling historical figures from Washington’s past such as the mysterious ranger-guide Christopher Gist, the Dutch mercenary Jacob Van Braam and the infamous Half-King of the Iroquois. The fantasy lies behind these events centered on the secret Freemason history in which Washington, our military Freemason Founding Father who was in fact a Templar Knight, was locked in an ongoing struggle of good against the forces of darkness. Based on true events, the story is a knight’s quest that takes a youthful Washington on the hero’s journey of a dangerous adventure.


Logline:  Teenager Greta is babysitting her young step-brother when he suddenly goes missing, in her despair she runs away and is tricked by her deceptively comforting neighbor Ms. Chambers and held hostage in her delusional 1950’s house. Broken, brainwashed and only a street away from her family, Greta fights back for the sake of herself and her other new kidnapped siblings.

Directed by Ivan Kavanagh


Logline: An ex-con artist is forced to go on a bank-robbing spree when a mysterious caller has kidnapped his wife and children.

Written by Andrew Bozalis and Derek Mether

The Natanz Directive

Logline:  A former operative in the CIA’s most clandestine division is pulled back in to help prevent Armageddon in the Middle East.  Traveling from Paris to Amsterdam and then undercover into Iran itself, Jake connects with the Iranian covert opposition only to discover there is a traitor on his team. With a ticking clock counting down, Jake has to risk his mission, and his life, to uncover the traitor, and stop an imminent attack on Israel, for it will be full-scale world war if he fails.

Book by: Wayne Simmons and Mark Graham

Blazing Four

Logline: A small town sheriff hires four gunslingers to protect his town against brutally funny, intruding multi-cultural Mexican, Indian, and Southern Bandits

Concept:Blazing Four” is a spoof-style comedy imagined as an urban “Blazing Saddles”. It highlights the conflicts that arose during the mass migration to the West, with a twist focusing on an African American western town filled with colorful black and white characters.

Written by: Jean Claude LaMarre and Ernest L Thomas.

Crenshaw Blvd.

Logline: “Crenshaw Blvd.” follows bi-racial Emilio Juarez, a handsome young man whose love of classic cars and gift with a wrench and spark plugs, gets him involved with the gangsta low-riding scene on LA’s notorious Crenshaw Blvd. Emilio is thrown into a world full of gangland danger, beautiful women, hot cars, blaring hip music, pulsating low-rider hopping action, and love at first sight.

Concept: “Crenshaw Blvd.” is “Straight Outta Compton” and “Menace to Society” for drug dealing in Philadelphia in the late 80’s. It is a fast-action low-rider movie that depicts a modern-day “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “City of God” conflict of morality. It is a watch-your-back, hit-the-switches-on-your- low-rider, hold-your-girl-tight, don’t-betray-your-friend film about defending a person’s right to another chance in a 3-strikes-and-you-get-life world.

Written by Vladimir Perlovich