Tales from the Crib

Logline: Coming Soon


Logline:  Ike Jerome, a 24-year-old architecture student inspired by the few films he has seen, rides the bus into Hollywood. Jerome is almost autistic (later, his friend dubs him a “cineautistic”) in his interactions with the world, and is deeply affected by his childhood with his religiously oppressive father. With a tattoo of Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor as they appear in A Place in the Sun (a film that plays an important role in the plot) on his shaved head, he makes an impression on the people around him. Soon breaking into film as a designer and eventually a film editor, Vikar (as he is nicknamed) begins a dreamlike journey into the world of films that eventually ends in tragedy and almost horrific discovery.

Directed by James Franco, Starring James Franco, Seth Rogan, Megan Fox, Will Ferrell, Danny McBride, Jacki Weaver

USS Indianapolis

Logline: The harrowing true story of the crew of the USS Indianapolis, who were stranded in the Philippine Sea for five days after delivering the atomic weapons that would eventually end WWII. As they awaited rescue, they endured extreme thirst, hunger, and relentless shark attacks.

Directed by Mario Van Peebles

Written by Cam Cannon & Richard Rionda del Castro

Starring Nicolas Cage, James Remar, Matt Lanter, Thomas Jane, Tom Sizemore

Chocolate City 2: Vegas Strip

Logline:  When Michael hears about the Annual Vegas Exotic Male Revue Competition, he brings the Chocolate City crew back together for the hopes of defeating Rudeboy’s new strip team and winning the million-dollar cash prize.

Written and directed by Jean-Claude LaMarre, Starring Robert Ri’chard, Michael Jai White, Vivica A Fox, Genuwine, Mel B, and Mekhi Phifer

Vengeance: A Love Story

Logline: On the Fourth of July, twelve-year-old Bethie Maguire flags down Niagara Falls Police officer John Dromoor. Bethie’s mother, Teena, has been brutally raped by four meth heads, was left for dead, and is being nursed back to health by her mother, Agnes, a strong, fierce advocate for her daughter and granddaughter who has taken on the responsibility of caring for them. Bethie’s testimony, along with the evidence collected, should be enough to put the boys in jail for life. However, the parents of the rapists hire the nationally renowned criminal defense attorney, Jay Kirkpatrick, who shifts the focus of evidence away from the defendants and puts the spotlight on the plaintiff, Teena, her sobriety, parenting, and sexual promiscuity. During the trial of the defendants, Agnes fights for Teena’s innocence as her granddaughter Bethie clings onto her. Moving at a relentless, compelling pace, “Vengeance: A Love Story” reveals how an act of unbelievable and raw brutality twists the lives of three generations of women, and sets Detective Dromoor on his own course of police vigilante justice.

Directed by: Johnny Martin

Cast: Nicolas Cage (“Detective Dromoor”), Don Johnson  (“Jay Kirkpatrick”), Deborah Kara Unger (“Agnes Kevecki”), Anna Hutchison (“Teena Maguire”), Talitha Bateman (“Bethie Maguire”)