Cut Throat City

CUT THROAT CITY — starring Wesley Snipes (“Blade,” “Rising Sun,” “Brooklyn’s Finest”), Terrence Howard (“The Butler,” “Prisoners,” “The Best Man Holiday”), Eiza Gonzales (“Baby Driver”), and successful musician T.I., to be directed by The RZA (Member of the Wu Tang Clang, Director of “The Man with the Iron Fists”).

Synopsis: When four boyhood friends return to New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward after Hurricane Katrina, they find their home decimated and prospects for work swept away. Turning to a local gangster for employment, the crew is hired to pull off a daring casino heist, right in the heart of the city. But when the heist goes awry, the boys are forced on a dangerous crime spree, fighting for their survival while both hunted by the warlord and an idealistic lawman.

Three Lines in History

Logline: October 28, 1942. On the date of the second deportation at the Krakow Ghetto, when thousands of Jews were sent to death, a group of young Jews unite to fight an un-defeatable foe. The fight for survival, avenges the deaths of innocently slaughtered parents, brothers and sisters. One of their leaders rises. “I fight for Jewish Honor…to avenge the dehumanization of our people…I fight for our three lines in the history books so the world will one day read there were Jews who fought back.”

Air Interpol

Logline: Prisoner A-118 opens his eyes to find his wrists handcuffed to his airplane seat with two dead Interpol Agents and Prisoner G-298 choking and foaming out the mouth. Meanwhile, Prisoner 443, an Arab woman, is yelling Allah Akbar next to  two SAS Pilots who are shot in the head, laying on the floor of the cockpit and no one is flying the jet aircraft transport in heavy turbulence…welcome to “Air Interpol.”

Tear Down This Wall

Logline: “Tear Down This Wall” is the battle cry of Ronald Reagan’s speech. In the vein of “Pirate Radio” meets “Argo,” the power of rock-in-roll joins Ronald Reagan in the breaking down of the Berlin Wall as David Bowie, The Eurythmics, and Genesis perform in a three-day rock-n-roll concert series at Brandenburg Gate against Vladimir Putin’s East German tanks and a Libyan hit squad, organized by a young rock concert promoter Peter Schwenchow, the power of music unified the East and West’s youth and tears down the Berlin Wall.


Logline: “Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter” as a young Major George Washington is tasked by the Freemasons to recover a powerful Christian relic, the Spear of Loginus which pierced the rib of Jesus, and was stolen from Freemason Temple by the worshippers of a dangerous cult Baphomet. Whomever is in possession of the spear cannot be defeated in battle. Freemason George Washington must lead a band of unlikely rogues into the brutal French-Indian controlled wilderness to retrieve the spear changing young Washington forever and re-shaping the future of the 13 colonies, shedding of tyrannical King George and forming a new great nation, United States of America.



Black Flag

Logline: Thomas Brigham’s past as a CIA operative returns when a fellow former brother-in-arms, Callis, presumed dead after disappearing on a secret mission, is revealed to be alive in America. Callis plans a violent revenge against their former CIA spymasters that will shock America to its political foundations. In a fundamental choice of loyalty between country and family, can Brigham save the United States and avert complete disaster?’

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Chocolate Games

Logline: Set in the mostly African American city of Atlanta, we follow Dr. Joyce Carmichael (Tiffany Hines), a single and introverted professional in her mid 30’s who begins to explore her sexuality and introduces S&M sexual fantasies into the bedroom after meeting a new lover, multi-millionaire bachelor Anthony Bernard (Mekhi Phifer). Their sexual journey is an erotic-filled, tense ride into the unexplored world of black S&M.

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Logline: A re-telling of the ultimate vengeance tale, “The Count of Monte Cristo”, set in the world of motorcycle clubs, a la “Sons of Anarchy.”

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Logline: Rule number one, nothing is stronger than pleasure, even love. Joe lives in the netherworld between desire and reality, catering to the furtive requests of his guests at Manhattan’s most elite hotel, while trying to repay the mobsters he owes money to.

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The Vatican Connection (UK/Italy)

Logline: A true story about how the highest ranking American in the history of the Vatican, Archbishop Marcinkus who ran the Vatican Bank and Vatican security in the 70’s got into business with the Genovese Crime Family of NY and how one NY detective, Joe Coffey busted the operation.

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