Logline:  The same formula Gus Van Sant created with Harvey “MILK”, he and Justin Kelly are creating with “MICHAEL” Glatze.  MICHAEL has the same genre, bigger, and wider audience and reaches both the gay and religious communities.  This is a well proved formula as evidenced by “Normal Heart,” “Milk,” and “Dallas Buyers Club” to name a few, a simple biopic about a guy who on a daily basis, embraced being gay and the gay community, fought for gay rights, started magazines, help lines and saved many lives throughout his journey.  Then, after a severe illness that almost cost him his life, he embraces God and becomes heterosexual yet still continues to reach out to the gay community to preach heterosexuality and GOD.  Will he become gay again?  That’s anyone’s guess, but if there is anyone bold enough to make a decision like that, it’s MICHAEL.  Still, people continue to gain strength and confidence through MICHAEL; not because of the stances he takes for or against gay rights or religion, but because of the difficult choices he made in his life and how he copes with them on a daily basis.  That’s the story that audiences will be curious to see and will be discussing for a long time after the movie is made.

Starring James Franco, Zachary Qunito, Emma Roberts; Directed by Justin Kelley and Executive Produced by Gus Van Sant