Logline: “Paladin” is a a historical fantasy written by Shon Rathbone that challenges a young Major George Washington to recover a powerful Christian relic, the Spear of Loginus, which was stolen from Freemason Temple by the worshippers of the dangerous demon Baphomet. Freemason George Washington must lead a band of unlikely rogue heroes into the brutal French-controlled wilderness to retrieve the magical spear. The events change young Washington forever and re-shape the future of the 13 colonies, leading to the formation of a new great nation.

Concept: Heavily researched, the screenplay features several compelling historical figures from Washington’s past such as the mysterious ranger-guide Christopher Gist, the Dutch mercenary Jacob Van Braam and the infamous Half-King of the Iroquois. The fantasy lies behind these events centered on the secret Freemason history in which Washington, our military Freemason Founding Father who was in fact a Templar Knight, was locked in an ongoing struggle of good against the forces of darkness. Based on true events, the story is a knight’s quest that takes a youthful Washington on the hero’s journey of a dangerous adventure.