Logline: Thomas Brigham’s past as a CIA operative returns when a fellow former brother-in-arms, Callis, presumed dead after disappearing on a secret mission, is revealed to be alive in America. Callis plans a violent revenge against their former CIA spymasters that will shock America to its political foundations. In a fundamental choice of loyalty between country and family, can Brigham save the United States and avert complete disaster?'

Logline: Set in the mostly African American city of Atlanta, we follow Dr. Joyce Carmichael (Tiffany Hines), a single and introverted professional in her mid 30's who begins to explore her sexuality and introduces S&M sexual fantasies into the bedroom after meeting a new lover, multi-millionaire bachelor Anthony Bernard (Mekhi Phifer). Their sexual journey is an erotic-filled, tense ride into the unexplored world of black S&M.

Logline: Rule number one, nothing is stronger than pleasure, even love. Joe lives in the netherworld between desire and reality, catering to the furtive requests of his guests at Manhattan’s most elite hotel, while trying to repay the mobsters he owes money to.

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