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The Incredible Adventures of a Fairy Godmother

Television, International

Once upon a time, a Fairy Godmother lost her powers because she has lost faith in humanity, so the board of magic sends a young wizard to help her regain her powers. They will work together helping people from the real world solve their problems by using the magic of the hearts. Fairy Godmother (Hada Madrina) is a Spanish language TV series which helps audiences change their lives using modern coaching and motivation techniques starring Oscar-nominee Terrence Howard, Daniel Delevin, Arath De La Torre, and Jeannette Rodriguez.

TV Series (2020)
Directed by:  Biel Fuster
Starring: Terrence HowardDaniel DelevinArath de la TorreJeannette Rodríguez
Country: Mexico
12 Episodes (60 mins)

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